Mobile Phone Glass Back Cover Blasting Pen

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RELIFE RL-066A Mobile Phone Glass Back Cover Blasting Pen to Disassemble The Camera/Back Cover Glass With Adjustable Strength

Product Description:

1.Applicable to the disassembly and repair of the glass back cover lens module of IP8-13 Pro Max series and HW P/Mate series mobile phones


2.According to different models of mobile phones, the impact force can be adjusted reasonably by rotating the rear cover assembly to ensure that the back cover is not damaged.


3.Ergonomic Design


4.Small and portable, sandblasted surface, environmentally friendly and wear-resistant, increase friction, improve hand feel, smooth edges and corners, comfortable grip

5.Safety cover design

6.Easy and labor-saving without hurting the back cover

7.When not in use, the protective cover can be covered to prevent accidental injury from the sharp edge of the pen

(It is recommended to remove the camera, face, battery and motherboard for use)

It is recommended to adjust the rear components to adjust the reasonable strength before using the glass back cover of other models, so as not to damage the back cover

Do not use a diamond pen to blast the edge of the glass back cover; pay special attention, do not break the wireless charging coil in the middle of the glass back cover


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Mobile Phone Glass Back Cover Blasting Pen

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Mobile Phone Glass Back Cover Blasting Pen
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