Original RELIFE RL-M3T-B1 + HDMI Caméra + Écran HDMI 0.7-4.5x HD Stéréo Microscope

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Relife RL-M3T 0.7-4.5X Trinocular HD Stereo Microscope

Caméra HDMI RELIFE RL-M3T-B1 + M13 38 mégaplxés + écran HDMI Microscope stéréo trinoculaire HD 0.7 à 4,5 x





Equipped with 0.5ctv interface, wider vision, and longer working distance
Suitable for PCB, electronic components, mobile phone maintenance, etc.
All metal with FMC anti-reflection coating
Metal mirror and standard silicone eye mask
High definition coated objective lens, no glare, clear picture, each small detail is made with multi-layer precision
10x high eyepoint wide-angle eyepiece
High transmittance and refractive index
Fine-tuning zoom/focus knob
Fine-tuning 0.7-4.5 continuous zoom, with the focus knob, the picture speed is fast, the picture is clearer and accurate to every millimeter
Black and white tray, 360 ° rotating fixed rod
Black and white, one on one side, one color, turn freely, see more clearly
The round soft LED light
Use 56 highly soft LED cold light sources. Constant color temperature, close to natural light, stable brightness, freely adjustable brightness
External display device
Able to install 10.1-inch high-definition wide-angle LCD
0.5x/0.7x auxiliary mirror can be added (relife M-21 / 22)
Support external HDMI high definition camera


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RL M3T-B1+M-11(48mp camera)+Ecran, RL M3T-B1+M-13(38mp camera)+Ecran

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Original RELIFE RL-M3T-B1 + HDMI Caméra + Écran HDMI 0.7-4.5x HD Stéréo Microscope
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